The environment

An investment in our environment is an investment in our future.


It is long past time for the United States to implement a transition from harmful fossil fuels to 100% clean, safe, renewable energy sources. I support HR-3671, the Off Fossil Fuels for a Better Future Act. This bill proposes an action plan of workforce development, tax breaks, rebates, and assistance for all Americans, to help protect our planet from dirty fossil fuels. We can create jobs, save our planet, and make our district, and our country, leaders in clean, renewable technologies by implementing 100% clean energy by 2035. 

My plan for Georgia’s First:

Coastal Georgia is ideally placed to become a hub of clean, safe, renewable energy research and implementation. We can become global leaders in researching new technologies and we can create thousands of decent paying jobs where none exist. With these technologies, we can implement a green infrastructure to provide transportation, mitigate rising sea levels, and create an economic boom for our district. With innovative thinking, we can improve our district for every person while transitioning to clean, safe, renewable energy sources, providing tuition free training for these new green jobs, and becoming world leaders in the rapidly growing field of clean, renewable energies.


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In a district with 100 miles of coast line, it is imperative that we have a representative who unapologetically supports the protection of our coasts, not just through words, but through actions. It is essential that we preserve our coastline, sea isles, wetlands, and waterways, and ensure clean water, air, and land for every person in this district.

This means:

  • Strict adherence to laws that protect our environment and our residents, with swift punitive action for violators.

  • Properly funding regulating agencies

  • Preventing large corporations from profiting at the expense of the health of our environment and the people of Georgia.

  • Passing a Green New Deal to save American families money and generate millions of jobs. A Green New Deal will protect workers and their communities to ensure a transition to union jobs that provide a living wage.

  • Investing in infrastructure and programs to protect our coastal communities most vulnerable to extreme climate impacts like sea level rise, floods, and extreme weather.

I will bring a fresh message to Washington and support the environmental protections that Georgians need. Please contribute and help send me to Washington, D.C.



We can create jobs, save our planet, and move our country forward in technology by implementing 100% clean energy by 2035.