Gender equality

A Just Society Supports Equality for all


A person should not be discriminated against because of their gender, no matter how they identify. This is why I support the progress of constituents of all genders and identities.

A person’s body should not be controlled by politicians. This is why I will continue to work to protect Planned Parenthood. I will fight against the ability of employers or insurance providers to deny coverage for contraception or other procedures due to moral objections. And I will fight for equal pay and equal rights in the workplace.

Our work towards gender equality must also include the analysis of power systems and the acknowledgement of intersecting identities. Marginalized people face multiple oppressions and we can only achieve justice by addressing how they impact one another.



Fighting for equality for all people means:

  • Adopting the Equal Pay for Equal Work through the Paycheck Fairness Act.

  • Fighting to end sexual harassment in workplaces, the military, and other institutions.

  • Passing the Equal Rights Amendment.

  • Supporting police departments that adopt policies to ensure fairer interactions with transgender people, especially transgender women of color who are often targeted by police unfairly, and by instituting training programs to promote compliance with fair policies.

  • Advocating for and supporting transgender military, and fighting against any shortsighted and discriminatory proposed policies.


A just society must support equality for all people.