Connect Savannah - Laughing it out: Front Porch Improv and Prevent Suicide Today join together for a memorable show

“The theme is Keep It Together, so whatever that means to the storyteller,” adds co-founder Brianne Halverson. “A time they could keep it together, a time they couldn’t keep it together. It could be directly related to mental health, it doesn’t have to be—it just has to be true. It’s heavy and light at the same time, which I think is honestly the best. It’s grounded. Who hasn’t been in a dark situation?”

The five storytellers are Maureen McFadden, Coco Papy, Lisa Ring, James Lough, and James Gunn. Their stories will be improvised by Brennan and Halverson, along with Averie Storck, Christopher Danger Mendrala, Joshua Christian, and Jordan Scott Edwards.

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Originally posted on September 26th.