Release: Carter Among Republicans Who Stormed Closed-Door Deposition

SAVANNAH, GA., October 24, 2019—House Republicans, including Representative Buddy Carter, barged into a closed-door hearing Wednesday. In an extreme breach of protocol, they broke up the deposition of Laura Cooper, a top Defense Department official. Cooper was testifying about President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine.

These Republican representatives tried to intimidate a witness, used cell phones in a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF), and attempted to obstruct testimony. Acts that violate security protocols and endanger national security.

They claim to be protesting the handling of the impeachment inquiry, arguing that Republicans have been shut out of the process. They claim this even though 47 Republicans, which constitutes 24% of all Republicans in the House, are already participating in the impeachment inquiry. And the fact that Republicans have had equal time to question witnesses and full access to the meetings.

All members of Congress are familiar with the protocol of the SCIF since they are often invited to classified briefings, so there is no excuse for this disgraceful act of political theater.


NewsLisa Ring