Meet Lisa

I’m Lisa Ring, your candidate to represent the 1st Congressional District of Georgia in Washington, D.C.  I am a mother of four, a military mom, and a former corrections officer. I am the new face of politics. We have all had enough of the partisan bickering and political egos dominating our public policies. Now is the time for us to stand up for the issues that impact our daily lives. We are tired of worrying if we will be able to afford health care, or if, after honorably serving our country, we will be employable. We are frustrated that we work full-time and still can’t pay our bills, and that higher education is only within our reach if we take on crushing student loans.

I will fight for policies that serve the needs of hard-working families and to regain the funding we need to realize our potential. Together, we will make our district one that works for all of us, where no one gets left behind. Each person deserves to live with dignity, opportunity, security, and freedom.

With integrity, strength, and vision, we will fight to protect the interests of all voters and their families. Stand with me to make your voice heard and to shape public policy to reflect OUR values.


Experience and Accomplishments


  • 2018 Congressional Candidate, 1st Congressional District of Georgia

  • Democratic Chair, 1st Congressional District of Georgia

  • State Committee Member - Democratic Party of Georgia

  • Vice Chair, Georgia Democratic Rural Caucus

  • Former Chair, Bryan County Democratic Committee

  • Sanders Delegate to the DNC

  • Co-Chair, Georgia Sanders Delegation

  • Former Correctional Officer, Lehigh County Prison (PA)

  • Former member of AFSCME Local 543

  • Former Executive Director of the Allentown Day Reporting Center, Partnership with Pennsylvania Probation and Parole to reduce recidivism for state parolees

  • Former Security Officer, Aventis – Pasteur, Swift Water, PA – International pharmaceutical company

  • Former Field Organizer, Citizen Action in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Washington D.C.


  • Former Board Member, Action Aids (PA)

  • Former President, RHHS JROTC Booster Club

  • Community Coordinator, Bryan County NAACP

  • Member, Richmond Hill MLK Parade Committee

  • Member, Bryan County NAACP

  • Member, Richmond Hill Garden Club

  • Member, Richmond Hill Friends of the Library


  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Moravian College with a BA in History and Philosophy (Bethlehem, PA)

  • Inducted into National Phi Alpha Theta and Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Societies

  • Recipient of numerous academic grants and scholarships, including the Charlotte Newcombe Scholarship, the Windmill Foundation Scholarship, and the Catharine Edelman Kratzer Scholarship

  • Attended Connecticut’s Laurel Girls State and recipient of American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship

But What Really Matters...

  • Mother of four children

  • Military mother

  • Volunteer in the community


The American Dream

I think it is time for us to talk about the American Dream. We are told to believe in ourselves, seize opportunities, and build our own American dream. Unfortunately, many of us have lost faith in that dream, because we believe it is not within our reach. A rapidly growing majority of Americans struggle every day just to survive, and many of us are frustrated with an unfair system. My experiences have led me to run for Congress because I know what it's like to play by the rules and still be left behind. As the economic gap grows between the very wealthy minority and the working majority, we must stand up for ourselves and our families.

I know what it is to struggle, as so many of you do, too.  I have had bankruptcies, car repossession, foreclosure, and eviction. I’ve received food assistance and free medical care for my children. Some people are quick to blame victims for their situations; I say that’s ridiculous.

There are millions of intelligent, hardworking people in this country who are trying to live productive lives and achieve some measure of financial security. It is time for them to be represented in Washington. I know many, like myself, who have applied for jobs and dreaded completing the section on credit checks and court cases. We fear every chance we have to move forward will be denied, despite our making every effort to rebuild our lives and reach for our dreams. Our family has been fortunate to move past our struggles; I know there are many families who have not. This isn’t right.

In Congress, I will oppose employment discrimination and work for equal opportunity under the law. I will represent all of us because I know what it’s like to strive for better. It is time for all of us to stand up for all citizens in our district. I know and understand what the people of my district need, and I am ready to advocate for them as hard as I continue to advocate for my own family.

Together, we will win! Let’s make this district work for every single one of us.